Member Benefits and Eligibility

Join the EFT Edmonton Community (EFTEC)

The EFTEC is composed of psychologists and clinical social workers who are dedicated to:

  • Deepening the experience of authentic love in people’s lives

  • Creating an awareness of how attachment impact our lives

  • Expanding awareness of EFT as a therapeutic model in Edmonton and greater Alberta

  • Facilitating the highest possible level of training in EFT

Benefits of membership with EFTEC

  1. Advertise your name on the EFTEC website as having attended the Externship or being a Certified EFT Therapist or Supervisor.

  2. Have your name listed as EFT trained when the public is seeking an EFT therapist in Alberta.

  3. Attend EFTEC social and education events at a reduced cost.

  4. Be given priority consideration when applying to attend any EFTEC sponsored events, workshops, etc.

  5. Be able to see who the other EFT trained therapists are in Edmonton and greater Alberta for support or networking purposes.

  6. Connect with other like–minded therapists and create lifelong friendships.

  7. Be an active part of spreading the brilliance and efficacy of the EFT Model to our part of the world.


To become a member you must be a member of ICEEFT. Register here if you are not yet a member.

Even if you are not a ICEEFT member or are not ready to become a member of the EFT Edmonton Community, you can keep informed by joining our email list below.

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