Governing Body for EFT Edmonton Community (EFTEC)

The EFTEC was formally inaugurated on November 1, 2015 at a meeting of the Advisory Council. Previous to November 1, 2015, Murray Armstrong, Certified EFT Supervisor, and his wife, Donna Armstrong spearheaded and financially managed the development of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in Edmonton and greater Alberta.

The Advisory Council had existed before it officially became the EFTEC Board in 2016. As of April, 2018, the running of the EFT Edmonton Community (EFTEC) has shifted over to the concept of a Collegium instead of a Board.

The idea of a Collegium is that the responsibility and decision-making in managing and running an organization is shared more or less equally amongst the Collegium members. Each Collegium member takes on responsibility for an area they are interested in developing and become the Coordinator for that area of interest.

At the Collegium meetings, each Coordinator uses the Collegium to:

  • update what they are doing,
  • seek advice and/or input from other Collegium members,
  • seek help as needed from other Collegium members to carry out their activities,
  • suggest protocols or policies,
  • write up a description of how they do things (function) to be able to pass onto the next Coordinator

The EFTEC Collegium consists of 6-10 Coordinators depending on number of areas of interest.  The present areas of interest are:

  • Website and Email list for EFTEC
  • Finances
  • Trainings – Externship, Core Skills, and External Trainings outside of EFTEC.
  • Skill Development – Internal Trainings done by EFTers within EFTEC, Fun and Film.
  • Newsletter
  • Records – meeting minutes, Coordinators functions, storing documents, keeping a history of EFTEC.
  • Social Connection – organizing social activities.


In bringing EFT to Edmonton and greater Alberta, we want to hold to a spirit of collaboration, co-operation, inclusiveness and perhaps most important a sense of security that we are all there for each other.